Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Reported Leak Shows Biden’s DHS Might Restart Trump’s Wall Construction

In a humiliating rebuke to President Joe Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reportedly told employees he’s considering restarting wall construction as the Democrats’ border apocalypse metastasizes out of control. In so doing, Mayorkas — a Biden appointee —...

Trump endorses Mo Brooks in Alabama Senate race

Former President Trump weighed in on Wednesday in the Republican Senate primary in Alabama, endorsing Rep. Mo Brooks, one of his biggest supporters in the House of Representatives. Source link

Gaetz, under federal investigation, scheduled to speak at conservative summit at Trump-owned resort

Fox News has learned that embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz will speak at a conference in Florida later this week who’s organizers are strong supporter of former President Trump. Source link

Christie accuses Biden of ‘doing exactly’ what he accused Trump of: ‘Lying to cause racial divisions'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accused President Biden of hypocrisy and inciting the same political unrest he vowed to quell during the presidential campaign by giving the public misinformation about Georgia's recently approved voting bill. Source link

One Year After Media Mocked Trump’s ‘Sunlight’ Comments, Researchers Find It’s 8x More Effective Than Thought

President Donald Trump, who speculated last year that sunlight might neutralize the coronavirus, has been vindicated as a recent study claims UV rays might actually kill the virus eight times fast than previously believed. UC Santa Barbara released its findings...

Biden Reverses Trump Sanctions on International Criminal Court, Eroding American Sovereignty

In another reversal from the previous administration, Joe Biden on Friday lifted sanctions and visa restrictions that President Trump had imposed on officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC is an international tribune based out of The Hague,...

Democrats still searching for answers on Trump's appeal to Latinos in 2020 election

Former President Donald Trump's appeal to Latino voters may have been more widespread than originally thought, according to new research. Source link

Where is Kamala? Not at the southern border; Lara Trump reacts

Fox News Contributor Lara Trump slammed Kamala Harris Saturday on "Watters' World" for refusing to visit the southern border more than a week after the Vice President was tasked with managing the crisis, and as the influx of migrants...

Biden reversing Trump policy, quietly ramping up Palestinian aid

The Biden administration is quietly ramping up its financial assistance to Palestinians, in the latest reversal of former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Source link

Trump -GOP groups quiet as billionaire donor stands accused of running biggest tax fraud scheme ever

The billionaire accused of running the biggest tax fraud scheme in U.S. history was a prolific donor to Republican groups and causes. The leaders of those organizations have kept quiet on the accusations against him. Robert Brockman, former CEO...

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