Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ted Cruz Proposes Amendment To Biden’s Relief Bill That Would Prevent Illegals From Receiving Stimulus Checks

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, one of former President Donald Trump’s strongest allies in Congress, takes a special interest in fighting to keep the residents of his state — and across America — from the dangerous influx of illegal immigrants pouring over the border.

His next fight will reportedly be a proposal for the Democrats’ “American Rescue Plan” that would take away any stimulus check payments to illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States. He expressed great concern over the Biden administration seemingly prioritizing illegals on the same level as American, law-abiding citizens.

“Not only does this COVID bill fail to address the real needs of the American people who are suffering, but it hands out billions in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants,” Cruz said.

“Congress should come together to pass my amendment to stop this,” Cruz said. “We need to stand for the American people, get our kids back to school, and reopen our small businesses,” the senator added.

Not surprisingly, various organizations and Democrat politicians are up in arms about not including illegal aliens in American COVID-19 relief packages, from state to federal level.

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The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is leading the charge in making sure illegal immigrants are receiving the same benefits as law-abiding, American citizens who didn’t illegally breach the U.S. border in the middle of the night.

“We should be working to include MORE Americans in relief and recovery efforts rather than creating barriers to relief that will leave immigrant workers who are at the frontline fighting the pandemic at risk of hunger and homelessness and making it impossible for them to shelter in place,” the NILC told the Washington Examiner last month. “We cannot recover from the COVID pandemic if all of us are not included in relief.”

Of course, as Cruz continues the push to make sure illegals don’t take away more funding from Americans, he’ll inevitably be labeled as a racist along with anyone who agrees with his proposal.

According to figures, not dishing out stimulus checks to illegal immigrants will save some $8 billion in funding, which could be used in at least a dozen other helpful ways to get small businesses back in operation and other methods to get the economy rolling again.

Only time will tell if Cruz has the luck and support needed to tack on such an amendment, but at least someone in Congress is looking out for Americans first.


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