Texas Democrats Trolled For Illegal Votes

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Democrats in Texas encouraged illegal aliens and noncitizens to cast felonious illegal votes in the upcoming mid-term election, a conservative public-interest legal group alleged in a letter to Texas law enforcement and voting officials.

The state party, the Public Interest Legal Foundation alleges, mailed voting applications that invited the fraudulent votes.

Leftists and Democrats oppose laws requiring ID to vote because, they say, vote fraud is not a problem. But now, a state Democratic party has been caught try to pull a fast one that could end in a voter’s inadvertently committing a felony.

Letter to Officials

Signed by PILF’s communications chief, Logan Churchwell, and sent to Texas’ attorney general, the letter said PILF received the Democratic mailer from David C. Kifuri, Jr., a former employee of the 229th Judicial District Attorney and the Texas Health & Human Services Commission.

Kifuri reported that relatives who are legal permanent residents received the mailer from “the Texas Democratic Party, TXDemocrats.org,” with a return address listed under the “State Democratic Executive Committee.”

The mailer told recipients that “Your voter registration application is inside” and that the recipients should “Complete, sign and return it today!” then “Mail IMMEDIATELY to be registered to vote in the November 2018 Election!”

But that’s not all: “The enclosed voter application form was apparently altered, given that the answers for ‘Are you a United States Citizen?’ and ‘Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?’ were preprinted ‘Yes’ for each.”

Churchwell observed that “the approved federal and state voter registration forms do not have prepopulated answers because the voter must answer the important citizenship question on their own.”

Noting that Kifuri’s relatives told him about the mailer because they were worried about breaking the law, the letter rightly observed that the mailer,“regardless of whether a ballot is cast, can invite criminal charges under state and federal law in addition to immigration proceedings thereafter.”

As well:

When Congress passed the NVRA, it envisioned a registrant making two separate affirmations of citizenship — both the checkbox as well as the signature attestation. This enables prosecutors to easier establish intent and state of mind when noncitizens illegally register to vote.

We strongly urge your office to investigate if and how many returned applications arrived in your local county elections office(s). Our research indicates that ineligible noncitizen residents are most often revealed in voter rolls when they self-report their statuses during immigration proceedings. Should these applications ever resurface in that context, it must be noted that the full attestation of eligible U.S. citizenship and age was never provided in “wet” ink by the applicant at the time.

To this credit, his affidavit says, Kifuri told his relatives to “not complete the application process and to alert county election officials.” Then he posted the fraud attempt on his Facebook page, with images of the mailer to let the public know the mischief was afoot.

Illega Votes In Pennsylvania

This isn’t the first time PILF has uncovered non-citizen voters. In Steeling The Vote, published in July, PILF divulged a major problem with voter registration rolls in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

According to PILF, “noncitizens were regularly offered voter registration by government employees and third-party drives, despite language barriers and clear understandings as to what they were signing.”

Among the irregularities PILF discovered were these:

• 139 instances of noncitizen voter registration and eventual cancellation from 2006 to 2018.

• 27 percent of noncitizens cast at least one ballot prior to removal from the voter rolls.

• Noncitizens remain registered for an average of six years before they are removed.

• 71 percent of noncitizens self-reported their ineligible registrations at great legal risk.

• 63 percent of noncitizens were registered in transactions with the state department of transportation because of the so-called Motor Voter law, the federal statute that requires the states to permit registration when someone applies for a driver’s license.

• Allegheny County officials raised alarm about the system failures with the Commonwealth in 2008.

“With no comprehensive system for detecting and removing ineligible voters from the rolls,” PILF observed, “the majority of cancellations derive from noncitizens self-reporting their own deportable offenses.”

The problem in Allegheny Couny highlights the problems with the federal Motor Voter law, according to PILF chief J. Christians Adams. “Noncitizens have voted in Pennsylvania because Motor Voter registration is broken,” he said. “Pennsylvania failed citizens and immigrants alike. For decades, unassuming immigrants were invited to break the law … while citizens suffered the consequences of vote dilution.”

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