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That’s not good grammar is it? But it seems when it comes to the southern border, only we supposedly racist, non-Hispanic xenophobes seem to think we have a problem. We are constantly being told the border crisis is a manufactured problem that only exists in President Donald Trump’s mind. But recently, even some mainstream media outlets have “suddenly” discovered a serious problem at our border. So which is it? Is it a made-up crisis or a real one? The media can’t have it both ways.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently testified to Congress of the overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants flooding our borders. A record number of family units crossed our border in February. Border Patrol agents have been saying for months that the system is being overwhelmed by the numbers crossing the border every day, with the prediction of over a million people coming into our country this year. Why is that not a problem?

Why are liberal Democrats trying to cut the number of beds for criminal illegal aliens? Why do they criticize the Border Patrol Agents for separating families and, at the same time, encourage hundreds of thousands of Central Americans to make the dangerous and even life-threatening journey, with the promise of “free” stuff when they get here? And who are all of those OTMs (other than Mexicans) that are caught coming across our border from nations that are not friends of the United States?

Why do we still have the program of “catch and release” when illegals cross the border? We give them a court date and the vast majority will never show up for it. Why do both political parties refuse to deal with the consequences of doing nothing? It seems both parties are okay with hundreds of immigrants dying on the trek to our border. They apparently are okay with a third of the women and children being sexually assaulted on the trip here — a figure Amnesty International puts much higher.

Drugs flood over our southern border, resulting in nearly 200,000 deaths by overdose over the past three years alone. We know that 90% of these drugs come across our southern border. Apparently, these deaths are just “collateral damage” as long as it does not give President Trump his border wall. Why do we voters keep sending the same people back to Congress election after election?

In addition to all of the problems caused by our open borders, we haven’t even touched on the economic impact illegal immigration has on our country. Why does the Left continue to slander those who bring these unpleasant truths to light? And why would they want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote?

So many questions, so few answers. Could it be that the plan all along has been to let the system collapse on itself by the overwhelming burden on our nation and our economy? I believe both political parties need to do some soul searching.

Something to think about?

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