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Editor’s note: I just returned from Mashhad, Iran, site of the Jerusalem al-Quds conference. (No hassles at the border this time.) Below is a very interesting paper presented at the conference. Its author, Maria Poumier, is the author of Marchandiser la vie humaine and maker of the documentary The Fruits of Our Womb.  –Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The Israeli manufacture of artificial Jews 

Maria Poumier (France) [1]

Paper for the 6th New Horizon International conference, Mashaad, May 2018.

The Zionist entity is number one in biotechnologies, and especially in fabricating artificial kids. Doron Mamet is the one who developed the triangular global trade: extracting human gametes in white countries (mainly Eastern European ones), processing them in Alphaclinic  and Kadimasten labs to give life to embryos, freezing them and breeding them through surrogate women’s wombs in other countries, and selling the babies as soon as they are given birth to wealthy customers all over the world.

The same commercial Jewish schemes were tested with human trafficking and slavery, from Africa to America, to satisfy Europe’s need of cheap workers for conquest and colonization, during 300 years. As proved by Nation of Islam and its great investigation The Secret relationship between Black and Jews Jews (part I: Boston 1993; part II How Jews gained control of the Black economy, and part III, Jews selling Blacks, Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews 2010), Jews played a disproportionate role in the Atlantic Black slave trade, as bankers, traders, shipowners, merchants at auction and owners. We are being told African enslavement was a genuine traditional habit between Africans themselves. But the traffic out of the Black societies was a Portuguese Jewish business. The same happened in the Islamic world earlier, with disproportionately Jewish traders. Jewish doctors in Verdun were the ones who used to castrate slaves in the European Middle Age, including white slavic ones. “Humanitarian” propaganda in the American deportation of more than 30 million Africans spoke about “civilizing” and merciful Christianization. AIPAC sued the Nation of Islam for their research.

The surrogacy business should be brought to international and national courts, because it is a kind of illegal organ trafficking. Women and newborn children are used as commodities, against their own health interests, and the unborn are increasingly recycled in the pharmaceutical research central, as it was discovered in the case of Planned Parenthood Federation, in the US in  2016. The role of Israel in organ theft from Palestinian prisoners has been revealed by Johannes Whalstrom in the Swedish Aftonbled. Some rabbis have been arrested in the US, but nothing happened to them in Israel. The Israeli organ traffic is especially well known concerning Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine and Rumania. As Israel Shamir wrote, “Israel is not the only country suspected of such nefarious activities. Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor at the Hague tribunal for Balkan crimes, wrote in her 2008 book The Hunt: Me and War Criminals that under the aegis of the Kosovo Liberation Army, this ally of NATO and the US, hundreds of young Serb prisoners were allegedly taken by truck from Kosovo to northern Albania where their organs were removed.” It is time to tell the world that Israel and NATO are also gamete hunters and embryo and baby sellers.

Nowadays the increasing sterilization of most parts of the world, alongside new technologies, have succeeded in creating a global artificial baby market. Israel works hard to multiply the worldwide Jewish population, and propagandizes for sodomites to consider buying children, for use either as slaves or as heirs. Such campaigns destroy family-based morality, erase religious traditions, ruin male and female dignity, destroy respect towards paternal and maternal authority, and impugn children’s dignity. It is the latest toxic invention of imperialism, and it is an Israeli project. The World Jewish Congress congratulated Obama and the Supreme Court for imposing gay marriage legalization all over the US. So did the Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. Tellingly, the press and the courts fight homophobia as a supposed anti-Semitic threat.

More legalized abortions in every country, entailing the extensive slaughter of human embryos, are required to make such criminal agenda profitable. Westerners are not aware that it is an Israeli business, part of a worldwide plan to diminish, weaken and subjugate the new generations. We can fight successfully against it by showing that it belongs to the tradition of English upper class Malthusianism, entailing a frenetic impetus to oblige the poor not to breed. It is shocking too as a form of nazi style racist eugenics, because it considers most inhabitants or the world as despicable subhuman beings, unworthy to give birth to others.

This criminal plot treats us as cattle to be selected, culled, and softly castrated, so we produce more and resist less. “Fertility” agencies officially offer “Low Cost” and “Prime” children, at different costs from $30,000 to $200,000. Many payers chose a baby born in the US, even if they are the most expensive ones, in order to get US citizenship for them, and be able to transfer assets to the US.

It is a technological tyranny that follows Monsanto’s privatization of seeds, vegetable species and genes. It is a crime against humanity, because it constricts human biological diversity and creates new artificial diseases. It already uses poor women all around the world as mere containers for oocytes and uteruses, endangering their own health. Many scientists are already fighting against the Israeli project of putting our countries under such total reproductive control. The leading Israeli agency Tammuz has already been expelled from several countries including India, Thailand, Nepal, and Cambodia.

What we are not supposed to know 

There has been a recent explosion of medically treated infertility throughout the world. Since 1950, men’s fertility has fallen to one half of what it was before, and the quality of sperm is dramatically declining in the most developed countries. As a matter of fact, the same dramatic change is occurring in the whole animal kingdom, and it helps to explain the advances of homosexuality, uneasiness with one’s gender, and bi and transsexual behaviour.  The flourishing LGBTQ lobby has come about not only  as a result of our openness to individual freedom and the widening acceptance of diversity, but as a symptom of disturbances at the biological level, undermining the  moral and mental stability of new generations of people. It reveals a serious (if denied) collective disease, probably caused by complexities of environmental contamination. It seems that nothing will stop the decay of natural human fertility. Neither Western governments nor international health institutions are warning us of the dramatic changes coming. They are only interested in developing the business of artificial reproduction, a convenient way to have more control of the population, in the service of a dictatorial, Malthusian and unapologetically eugenic ideology.

Women’s infertility is actually increasing too, not least because many Westerners avoid giving birth until their 30’s or 40’s, when it becomes difficult, especially after frequent abortions and transmissible sexual infections. The experiments for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) started with animals under Dr Shrenk in Vienna in the 1880s. Dr. Gregory Pincus developed it, with Dr. Enzmann in Harvard and Saunders and Myriam Menkin, until the first test-tube baby Louise Brown was born in England in 1978, thanks to the work of Robert Edwards, who went on to win a Nobel prize for his efforts. Immediately, the Pope warned that it could lead to the use of women as baby factories. An unknown number of Jewish doctors have inseminated their patients with their own sperm; the case of Dr. Bertold Wiener who produced some 600 un-recognized children is not the only one. [2]

The Israeli industry of human reproduction

It is not surprising that when it comes to the industrial reproduction business, Israel is the leading country. No official statistics are available but it seems that the Israeli infertility rate is the highest in the world; 1 in 4 couples ask for fertility treatment, while 1 in 6 or 7 in other developed countries do. One explanation is that endogamy through many Jewish generations leads to the multiplication of genetic diseases.

In Israel, abortion for so-called medical reasons, after prenatal and prenuptial tests, is widely practiced, at the rate of 17% of pregnancies ending in deliberate abortions[3]. Israel provides free medical care relating to the fertility for Israeli citizens, and at very low prices for Jews from other countries. Fees are lower than in the US, but higher than in the Czech Republic, the most liberal and cheap European country for such treatment. Not only is sperm needed, but  human egg donation is required too, and the egg collection industry is very big business especially when the eggs come from young white, blond and blue eyed girls, almost for free, in Eastern Europe. Here is a recent Haaretz account :

« In 2000, police investigated claims that certain Israeli doctors were over-stimulating the ovaries of patients to induce over-production of eggs, which they then sold without permission. One doctor was suspended, another reprimanded. Israeli doctors have also been associated with scandals overseas: in 2009 and 2013 Romania charged Israeli doctors, in two separate incidences, of exceeding the boundaries of their local operating permits and illegally trading in human eggs, harvesting them without permits from Romanian women for sale to other women, including Israelis. Both times, doctors denied any wrongdoing. »[4]

With frozen eggs from all over Eastern Europe (extracted in Israeli clinics in Cyprus) and frozen sperm, frozen embryos are cooked up in Israel (Alphaclinic,…

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