Monday, August 15, 2022

Thomas Gallatin: Biden Favors Illegals Over American Veterans

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Given that Joe Biden has purposely opened the southern border to virtually all comers, it’s no surprise that the Biden administration just inked a five-year deal to house unaccompanied minors at a former private school in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is just the latest example of how billions of taxpayer dollars are being diverted from services for Americans, particularly our veterans.

The contract signed between Joe Biden’s Office of Resettlement and American Hebrew Academy would employ upwards of 800 individuals at the former boarding school. The Department of Health and Human Services will occupy the campus through at least 2027.

Biden’s de facto open border policy has created a plethora of humanitarian pain and suffering, most recently the slow and torturous death of more than 50 illegal immigrants, including many teens, abandoned in a semi trailer by other illegal immigrants in Texas. Parents wouldn’t be tempted to send their children on such a journey if they knew they had no chance at gaining entry into the U.S. Instead, just the opposite has occurred because the expectation is that these minors will be taken in rather than sent back home.

Republican lawmakers were quick to blow the whistle over the administration’s actions, noting that just last year HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra denied they were looking into using the facility in North Carolina. The GOP letter sent last Thursday reads in part: “Due to the failures of the Biden administration to secure our Southern border, every state, including North Carolina is now suffering from the impacts of the Biden border crisis. Given the effects of this crisis and decision to house [Unaccompanied Minor Children] in our state, we demand answers to the following questions to help protect our constituents.”

The Republicans’ questions included wanting to know if there are any plans in the works to expand the housing operation to other facilities throughout North Carolina, and how much taxpayer money is being used to provide these housing services to noncitizens.

Meanwhile, what of the growing number of Americans who are being crushed by inflation and losing housing — especially veterans? All across the nation, the number of homeless American veterans, and those underserved by the Veterans Administration, is growing, and yet rather than focus taxpayer resources on those and other Americans in crisis, the Biden administration is shelling out millions for noncitizens, to those who have entered the country illegally.

A good government’s first job is to guard the welfare of its own citizens. When those in government are willing to sacrifice the welfare of their fellow citizens they were elected to serve in order to further their own political agenda, then they are no longer qualified to serve in government. Unfortunately, the federal government’s bureaucracy has grown to such a state that the vast majority of the people making these anti-American decisions are not elected officials, and they do not concern themselves with being held accountable to the American people.

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