Friday, October 7, 2022

Thomas Gallatin: Scientists, Doctors Sue Biden Admin Over COVID Censorship

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America is supposed to be the land of free speech, where the government is prevented from silencing views with which certain politicians or bureaucrats may disagree. Well, anyone who has been paying attention to the COVID pandemic witnessed an unprecedented campaign by Big Tech to wage a censorship war against voices that dared to question Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration’s coronavirus narrative.

Facebook, for example, inserted warning labels on posts that may have challenged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s claims regarding COVID. Twitter outright banned contradictory voices. And of course, all this speech squelching was done under the guise of needing to protect people from “misinformation.” It was justified as not having violated the First Amendment over the dubious grounds that the social media giants were private companies, and not the public square.

Well, some of those voices the Biden administration colluded with Big Tech to silence are now suing the administration. And these aren’t just any individuals, they are in fact experts in their fields of medicine and epidemiology. Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya is a medical professor at Stanford University, and Dr. Martin Kulldorff was a professor of medicine at Harvard University.

Both of these men challenged the universal lockdown and vaccine mandates, as they argued for a more targeted approach focusing on the most vulnerable Americans and against widespread lockdowns that would cause more damage than good. These men were coauthors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which espoused the above approach. However, for daring to challenge the Biden administration’s narrative, they were effectively blacklisted and painted as fringe quacks and conspiracy theorists.

The lawsuit the doctors and scientists have raised is against the Biden administration and specifically the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security. The group is represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), which is charging the administration with coordinating with Big Tech to censor voices that challenged the Official COVID Narrative™.

“The Biden Administration’s involvement in silencing the voices of those who have critiqued its responses to Covid-19, through pressure exerted on social media companies, is unprecedented in nature and degree,” the NCLA contends. “The government’s sweeping campaign to suppress the perspectives of the plaintiffs, and others like them, represents the most severe abrogation of the First Amendment in modern times, and we look forward to seeing this constitutional atrocity rectified in a court of law.”

This may be a tough case to win, but it’s a case that needed to be brought — at the very least to raise awareness and act as a check against future efforts by the federal government to silence opposing voices.

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