Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Top Scientists Join DeSantis to Slam Masks, Mandates, and COVID Tyranny

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Image of Ron DeSantis: Screenshot from flgov.com

At a round-table hearing convened by popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, top scientists and public-health experts from across America and beyond slammed face masks, lockdowns, contact-tracing schemes, and dubious mandates imposed by many other governors and policymakers in response to COVID-19. One of the scientists, who has been subjected to Big Tech censorship on social media, also argued that censoring experts who disagreed with the establishment narrative was dangerous to public health. In short, DeSantis is being vindicated.  

All the fake “fact checks” in the world could not blunt the devastating testimony by the highly credentialed scientists and medical experts on the Florida panel brought together by Florida’s governor. And so, aside from a handful of local reports trying to dismiss the hearing and demonize the Republican governor, the establishment media just pretended it did not happen. Still, the news is getting out. And increasingly, even Democrats are realizing DeSantis appears to have gotten it right, despite all the hysteria from the press and the totalitarians.  


Among the experts at DeSantis’ discussion was Stanford Medical School Professor of Medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, one of the leading figures behind the “Great Barrington Declaration” that slammed COVID restrictions as unnecessary and disastrous for public health. When asked by Governor DeSantis about whether mass masking had reduced COVID transmission in areas where it was widespread, the highly respected doctor’s answer was clear and unambiguous. “It just doesn’t help on disease spread,” he said, ridiculing the idea of teaching children to read while wearing face masks.

Not only does the evidence show the masks did not prevent transmission, “In some ways, they’ve been harmful, because people believed that masks protect them — vulnerable people — and they take more risks than they ought, because they feel like they’re protected by something that does not protect them,” Dr. Bhattacharya concluded, slamming CDC scientists for spreading claims that were “not true” regarding masks. “On net, I think not only were the masks not effective, but they’ve been harmful.”

Ironically, dozens of studies have shown that the masks — even in controlled hospital settings — are at best ineffective. At worse, they can be potentially harmful. Among other concerns, numerous doctors and experts have suggested that masks can and do lead to bacterial or even potentially deadly fungal infections — especially when worn by untrained members of the public. Adding insult to injury, dangerous chemicals that can shrink male genitals and produce infertility have been found in widely used disposable face masks.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been peddling COVID tyranny from his federal perch, urged the public not to wear masks before suddenly changing course and claiming he previously had been lying to advance public health. “We were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply,” said Fauci in his comments defending what he said were his previous false claims.

In addition to the negative health effects of mask mandates, the Stanford medical professor warned about negative societal consequences. “The mandates themselves have created social divisions in ways that are really to be regretted,” Dr. Bhattacharya said. “Public health is supposed to create some source of unity, not the kinds of division and moralization of behavior that it has created.”

But the mask mandates were not the worst policy response deployed during COVID. “I think the lockdowns were the single biggest public health mistake,” explained Dr. Bhattacharya during the round-table discussion. He also blasted as “just punitive” the ongoing efforts to use “contact tracing” under the guise of tracking COVID cases and the spread of the virus.

Continuing on, DeSantis then pointed to Sweden, where health authorities early on warned the public against mass masking and where the population never adopted it. In response, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, noted that Sweden — which had no lockdowns, either — had results that were better on average than other European nations in terms of disease spread and mortality. COVID totalitarians warned the “Swedish model” would produce mass death, but it never did. In fact, the Swedes did far better than the United States.

Dr. Kulldorff also criticized efforts to deploy “contact tracing” for COVID-19, calling them “naive to the max.” In fact, he said, the effort to track everyone who might have been exposed to COVID will backfire big time. “[People] see it’s useless and they don’t want to tattletale on their friends and so they refuse cooperation,” Kulldorff said, warning that when a disease emerges such as Ebola where tracing would be important, people will be less likely to cooperate.

Also speaking on the panel was Stanford Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Dr. Scott Atlas, who served on the Trump administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force. Aside from the poor health outcomes, he pointed out, the tyrannical response also led to preventable catastrophe in terms of the destruction of families, mental health, education, and more.

“This is really one of the historic, epic tragedies, really, of what happened during the pandemic management,” the doctor explained, saying there was “no evidence” that masks were effective either. “It was advocated by many of my other task force members to do the lockdowns. They got what they wanted, and it’s a failure.”

DeSantis, who is promoting a variety of measures to rein in the escalating censorship and discrimination against conservatives and Christians by Big Tech, asked Atlas about his experience being censored. Atlas responded, “When you extend that to the rebukes of universities for speaking against accepted narrative, you interfere with the process to achieve the truths that we need to seek.”

Yet another panel participant, Oxford University Professor and infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Sunetra Gupta, echoed the comments from other participants, saying that logically, it made no sense to mandate masking. In particular, she warned that forcing children to wear masks was obviously “deeply damaging” from a psychological perspective.

Dr. Gupta, who testified via Zoom, also slammed the idea that lockdowns of society were supposedly needed to stop mutations of COVID from spreading unchecked, which is the current narrative being peddled by COVID totalitarians. People will already likely have an underlying immunity to help them deal with any mutations that may come along, she said. And if people do catch a new variant, the symptoms will likely be less severe, she added.

Speaking of mutations, Gupta pointed to a much more troubling one: messaging mutation. Originally, the lockdowns were peddled to the public as a way to slow the spread and prevent overwhelming of hospitals. “It mutated to, ‘Let’s use lockdown to suppress the infection’,” Gupta explained, puzzled. “I don’t know where that came from. It seems to come from nowhere.”

The Florida governor himself expressed hope that others would learn from his state’s experience protecting freedom amid mass hysteria. “I do think there’s a lot that people can learn, and I think you guys have been very outspoken,” DeSantis told the panelists. “I think it’s had a really positive impact, and hopefully we’ll continue to have a positive impact going forward.”

One of the most devastating facts against the totalitarians who have exploited COVID to wage war on liberty is the comparison of states such as Florida against those that imposed unprecedented tyranny, such as New York. It turns out that Florida did significantly better on every metric than New York. For example, even using the wildly overinflated official numbers, Florida had far fewer infections and deaths, despite having an older population.

“The data could not be clearer that our state has fared far better than many others, particularly those that imposed harsh lockdowns on their residents,” Governor DeSantis explained, highlighting a fact that the COVID totalitarians are desperately trying to suppress. In Europe, he added, a similar phenomenon was observed, with Sweden — which had no lockdowns, face masks, school closures, and so on — doing far better than European nations that responded with tyranny. On the jobs front, states with less tyranny, naturally, did far better than states where governments destroyed the economy under the guise of COVID.

A number of prominent lawyers from around the world are preparing to unleash a deluge of class-action lawsuits against the COVID totalitarians in government and their co-conspirators in Big Pharma. As The New American reported in October of 2020, an international alliance of hundreds of doctors, scientists, and lawyers are working on what they say will be the largest set of tort lawsuits in human history. Led by the superstar attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee” (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss, or ACU, in German) promised that justice was coming.

DeSantis has been by far the most ardent critic among the nation’s governors of COVID tyranny throughout the pandemic. Just last week, when bureaucrats and media began openly peddling the idea of a “vaccine passport,” DeSantis took immediate action to ensure that no such assaults on individual liberty — even from local government officials — would come to the Sunshine State via government during his…

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