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Trump OK’s Bolton Plan: Hit Iran With 100 Nukes – Veterans Today

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VT has confirmed that the weapons were built, low radiation, thermonuclear, 150kt and more each (12 times the Hiroshima bomb).

A 2 trillion dollar war is planned for Iran and White House “insiders” are running around DC telling anyone who will listen.

The original plan was drawn up by Henry Kissinger as a “go to” use of force doctrine and tested out in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.

The US has used up to 40 nuclear weapon since the end of World War II, something we have confirmed through UN investigators.  from VT:

Yemen, 2015, nuclear weapon confirmed by classified IAEA report

The Iron Fist of Tactical Nukes, Hidden in the Velvet Glove of Stories about Fuel-Air Bombs, Moabs and Bunker Busters

By George Paxinos submitted by Jeff Smith

From 2003

The USA has already used Nuclear Weapons in GWI and Afghanistan, and is duping us as it prepares to use them again in GWII

When, on July 16th, 1945, the first atomic bomb was tested at Alamogordo, New Mexico, the USA had a cover story ready to hide this fact: a “Munitions Train” had blown up, people spoke of seeing the flash and hearing the blast, it was all down pat.

Nuclear scintillation, undeniable proof (Yemen 2015)

In a day and age where information is given out to the public only when such information, or what the so-called “Authorities” tell us is such, serves only the purpose of increasing hegemonic corporate profits at the expense of the many disenfranchised peoples worldwide, it is good to scrutinise what comes down from the simple point of view of:

Who Benefits By This?

Now in 1991, a totally gratuitous piece of info was tossed out to the hoi-polloi — meaning us — that the USA was going to use newfangled “fuel-air bombs” in its invasion of the beachheads of Kuwait, along with the proviso, that all media reporting would be subject to a 24-hour news blackout while this went on.

At the time it struck me as odd, that a surface-blast weapon such as a fuel-air bomb, should be used against soldiers dug into deep bunkers, and, knowing something of fuel-air explosives and their limitations, also the fact that they do produce an oxidised hydrocarbon and particulate metal ash cloud like a small nuclear weapon, and may even, using fuel such as powdered aluminum and magnesium mixtures or alloys, produce both a blinding flash, and perhaps even an electromagnetic signature pulse, they would, to the uninitiated, be fairly indistinguishable from a small nuclear weapon.
Also, alas! — the other way round! — should news be given in advance about their use, one might put in small nukes, such as Neutron Bombs, and nobody who was not an expert and had actually witnessed both, could really tell the difference, at all.

EXCEPT that in contrast to true fuel-air explosives, neutron bombs WOULD do the dirty on those underground bunkers and their inhabitants, as the neutron-particle rain they produce WOULD be capable of penetrating many meters of earth.

As those soldiers who were in there at the time of the landings seem to have offered little resistance after the airbursts of whatever was used, and were forthwith bulldozed over and buried deep, some, I believe, to this day – nobody may ever know, will they?

But surely, the USA would not do a dirty trick like that, announce the one thing and then do the other, surely not Alamogordo again; and all to expedite a war and limit American casualties, which might incite antiwar protests at home? Surely not against human beings?

What does this mean, you ask?

Well, let me explain a little about fuel-air bombs, for not only have explosives been my passionate if irrational hobby since I was a kid, but it might even be that I actually met one of the inadvertent inventors of the very first fuel-air bomb ever used in combat, and that during the Second World War.

His name was Ivan Sapsford; in the South Africa of my birth and upbringing, as an older person, “Uncle” Ivan.

Wearing an eyepatch, he was a wizened combat veteran of the Ethiopian Campaign against the Italians in WWII; and some of his escapades were almost legendary in South Africa, especially those of his best-buddy and sidekick, South African flying ace, Oliver Carey.

My Dad and my uncle had a tea-room in the village where those two grew up, which is how I knew them; and the preamble to this essay, which I am about to relate, I heard at first hand from Uncle Ivan himself.

The Italians had a fort on a hill, with long-range guns which the South African forces could not match, so were held off in a stalemate. The South African infantry were chafing in the heat, one of whom was Uncle Ivan.

Then up from South Africa, back from leave returning to his North African squadron, came his best friend, fighter pilot and ace, Oliver Carey. Ivan explained the situation, and Oliver knew the answer: they were all men who had had experience in the mines in South Africa, and all had extensive knowledge of explosives and their use, so Oliver said: Hell, we’ll make a bomb, and drop it on them! It never crossed their minds that perhaps bombing had already been tried to no avail, no, they’d make their own bomb, they were after all pretty much rebels who would accept no authority, they could think for themselves.

So they got a 55-gallon petrol (gasoline) drum, put in as much military explosive as they could scrounge through the larger of its two screwcapped openings, set a stick of explosive with detonator and length of dynamite-fuse into the last piece, filled what was left with as much small-arms ammunition as they could round up, and as there was still plenty of room left, topped it all up with petrol. They were lucky that it went off at all, that the fluid component did not contaminate the fuse and detonator, but they must somehow have thought of that, most of them being mining engineers, and taken precautions against it.

How to deliver it?

There was a small, single-engine mail plane that came by daily and stayed overnight, so they simply and illegally appropriated that for the job.

By this time, and, I believe, all not quite sober, it was almost dawn, and a bunch of men heaved the filled and very heavy drum into the plane’s door lengthwise, then stood it up inside and lashed it with ropes for takeoff. Oliver sat as pilot, and Ivan and another friend sat with the drum.

As they approached the fort, Oliver gave word, and as his friend unlashed the drum, Ivan lit the fuse. Oliver circled the fort, and they threw open the door and tried to shove out the drum. Unfortunately, it was too high for the door.

They tried to lay it over, the way it had been loaded in, but it was too heavy for them together to lay it on its side.

From the heat discoloration of the outside if the wrapped dynamite fuse, it had already burnt down into the drum, so only seconds were left. They shouted for help, and Oliver left the controls and ran in to assist them.

With no-one at the controls, the plane went into a descending spiral spin, directly above the fort.

Oliver saw what was happening, grabbed the plane’s fire-axe, hacked out the upper doorframe, and they shoved the thing out. By this time they were just a couple hundred feet above the fort.

Oliver fought his way back behind the controls, and by his considerable pilot’s skills, managed to pull the plane out of its dive. Ivan and the other man, hanging on for dear life, had a final, frightening view of the drum going down toward the upturned, curious faces of the entire around 300-strong fort garrison at their morning parade, staring wonderingly upward at what was to them basically a civilian aircraft in an uncontrolled downspin.

Then their bomb exploded, a hundred feet or less above the assembled garrison, and killed them all down to the last man.

That night, the Italian military broadcast a communique to all units that “The South Africans had a new Secret Weapon”.

I heard this story from Uncle Ivan personally, and I am ashamed to say I did not believe it.

To me, there was no way that anything but an individual shrapnel hit by some of that small-arms ammo could have done this, and that was just too much coincidence for me to swallow, even as a kid or around 19.

I only believed it after I had heard of the fuel-air bombs used by the former USSR in Afghanistan, which generated an overpressure-wave which killed people hundreds of yards away. Then I understood what Oliver and Ivan had done: The initial blast dispersed a cloud of fuel, and the small-arms ammo, disintegrating and exploding like a giant sparkler firework, had ignited that cloud, and the friendly “Whump!” which you get when you are foolish enough to throw a match at the tiniest pool of flammable liquid was magnified many thousandfold, and the overpressure thump killed them all.

That is the principle of the fuel-air bomb.

It was used by the USSR many, many times in Afghanistan.

It is nothing new to anybody there, it is basically old-hat.

So then, why should the USA suddenly publicly announce in 2001 and 2002 its intention to use this sort of weapon against the Taliban hiding out in caves, and make such a big deal about the matter, and all that in advance, when in war, you do not usually go out and broadcast your intentions far and wide, let alone to your enemy?

Otto von Bismarck once said: “Never believe anything in politics, until it has been officially denied.”

What was this official pre-event announcement, like that before the Kuwaiti landings in 1991, denying, that we all should be kept in the dark about?

Did it have any connective precedent in the other announcement of intent to use fuel-air bombs in Kuwait, against underground bunkers, while the air-blast is mainly only effective on the surface? Did they both find their roots in the precedent of Alamogordo?

What is effective underground? Well, a neutron-rain from a neutron-bomb is … and neutron-bombs, basically mini-nukes, were originally designed with parameters allowing their relatively tiny air-burst, of equivalent only between a few and a few dozen tons’ of TNT equivalent, to be used in even urban environments, with people only a few…

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