UK woman who jumped from China apartment left phone passwords to suicide note, inquest finds

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[Editor’s note: This story discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).]

A British woman who jumped 250 feet to her death from her family’s apartment in China over the summer left behind a piece of paper with passwords that led investigators to a suicide note that revealed she found herself in a “situation” that was “not resolvable.”

A corner’s inquest into the July death of 44-year-old Gill Smith this week revealed that the beloved mother of two had fallen “into a hole,” battling some sort of depression in the weeks leading up to her death, her husband Peter said during the hearing, according to the Manchester Evening News.


“She became quiet and wasn’t her normal self in terms of chatting when I would get back in the evening,” he said.

Gill Smith, 44, jumped from her apartment in China left behind a suicide note, authorities say.

He continued: “Gill had never talked about doing anything like this before, but weirdly enough there had been a few suicides in Shanghai over the last year and it had been a topic of conversation at a barbecue we were at four weeks before.”

Smith jumped from the 38th-floor balcony of a luxury apartment complex in Shanghai where she had recently moved with her family. They were set to leave for a family vacation in Spain and France just five days later.

“She just got herself into a hole and I don’t think she meant it,” Peter Smith said. “I think it was just a moment of madness.”

During the inquest, it was said that police found a piece of paper with passcodes that opened her phone to reveal an email draft that appeared to be a suicide note.

“It’s clear on the evidence before this court that in the short time proceeding her death she had become quite distressed and quieter than usual,” the coroner said, according to the Evening News.


“Clear from the notes that [were] recovered that she felt she was in a situation that for reasons not entirely clear, felt was not resolvable.”

It was not immediately known what the “situation” was but according to the coroner’s findings “we know her family, who are clearly devoted and supportive, had they known would have done everything they could to help understand the situation that was more than resolvable.”

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