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World Children’s Day in Iran – Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism – Veterans Today

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The 2nd Conference of the Voice of Butterfies

We hope that children will not be affected by violence anywhere in the world

[ Editor’s Note: This release by ADVT is featuring the children victims of terrorism, and not just the kind of terrorism we are facing now with proxy extremist jihaddis being used for regime overthrow, but the kind engage in by Western nations including the US.

Don’t be shocked. When we did it in the 1980’s Iran-Iraq war, we did not use cheap disposable proxy jihaddis like we have done more recently. We used weapons of mass destruction in partnership with Saddam’s Iraq.

I clearly remember the report in the US-Iraq war when we were looking for WMD proof to justify the war. One report slipped out about chemical weapons being found buried in the desert. But when dug up the boxes were labled with a US major defense contractor on them, chemical weapons that Saddam used in missiles against the Kurds and Iranian cities.

I met some of the victims families when in Iran for a New Horizon conference, who remember as young children being rushed to the bomb shelters as Iraqi missiles fell on them.

You will read below how ADVT member Mostafa Bajelan survived one of these attacks despite being removed with the dead in his school’s rubble while unconcious, to later wake up to the horror of what had happened to them, and spending two years recovering.

Americans know virtually nothing about this, including our own 9-11 victims families, and I suspect would not care. And I am not being mean with that comment. The war on the children of Yemen has gone on for years now with a horrible carnage and little opposition inside America, including even the veterans associations.

The most recent example of their stand down was Trump’s pardon of the the security contractors, all veteran, for slaughtering Iraqi civilians, including women and children, during an intersection incident where their training response for defending their convoy was to shoot everyone in site as fast as possible, knowing they have complete immunity.

You can just imagine what the response would be if Americans were ever victimized like this anywhere. American Exceptionalism has an ugly side to it, one which has become a festering wound because it has gone untreated.

The blame for that can no longer be put off on the victims. As a country we was some looking in the mirror to do, as does Mr. Trump for unleashing his mob on the capitol and giving himself instant amnesty despite his watching it all on TV and not speaking out against in until after it had failed.

We can do better. We need to do better. So where is the leadership from the American Exceptionalist crowd? Or could it possibly be that their is a phony streak down their backs. Wondering minds would like to knowJim W. Dean ]

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Everywhere I met young people in Iran someone always asked “why did the US use chemical weapons missiles on us” (during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s). They knew we had supplied them to Saddam and had relatives that were killed. I just had to tell them that Americans don’t even know this. They did not blame the American people, but its government. My thumbs up is signaling that these people are all open to having a better relationship with the US. They wanted education, good jobs, a decent place to live and to raise a family in peace , suprise, surprise.

First published … January 25, 2021

Public Relations the Association for Defending victims of terrorism – 2nd Conference of the Voice of Butterflies was held on the occasion of the World Children’s Day on 19 November in Tehran and Borujerd.

This year’s effort combined the collaboration of the National reference of Convention of the Rights of Child, Deputy of Women and Family of Lorestan Governance, Foundation of Martyrs and Affairs of Veterans, Administration of Teaching and Training of Lorestan Province, Association of Peace and Friendship Ambassadors, Insan organization, principals and parents of the girl’s primary school of Haghighat.

In Tehran and after the recitation of the Quran and singing of a song, Ms. Manijeh Safiyari, survivor of a terrorist attack and representative of Children’s Movement for Children while commemorated the World Children’s Day and expressed solidarity with all the children affected by extremism and terrorism said:

“Violence and terrorism has spread tragically and humanitarian measures of international organizations which should respond to some of these children has not had preventive effects and promotion of the child’s right.”

She added, “I am one of those children affected by terrorism and lost my one of my legs in a terrorist attack plotted by Saddam and MEK in Nasser Khosro street. I still live with its effects after some decades.”

She concluded, “Our effective response and strategy for the world is that we strengthen the protection of children which is supporting Children’s Movement for Children.”

In another part of the conference, Ms. Tayyebeh Mohammad, head of Association of Peace and Friendship Ambassadors said, “All over the world terror is one of the worst violent manners and terror indicates that the enemy is weak. At the end she said, “Children deserve justice and welfare and I hope that children will not be affected by violence anywhere in the world.

Next, “Father Didn’t Come” statement was read by one of the children and the students awarded flowers to pay tribute to Martyr Ranjkesh, who was assassinated near the school by the Hypocrites in 1982.

The webinar was also simultaneously held in Fayyazbakhsh school, Borujerd, where was hit by a missile of Ba’ath regime and its student were martyred. Mr. Goudarzi, Deputy of Borujerd Governor and as the representative of the Governor of Lorestan welcomed the attendees and appreciated organizers and said, “We had a lot of wars in the history. Wars destruct everything.

Children must be protected from wars, but during the imposed war against Iran we saw that this bitter incident happened for 68 students. It was proved that we were voiceless and the war showed that Saddam was not committed to any human rights principles and obligations.”

Dr. Samini, Political and Social Deputy of Lorestan Governance said, “Iran has joined the Convention of the Rights of Child. Although Islam has comprehensive standards for human rights, regarding the international obligations we should have good relations with the conditions of the globe.

Children are the most important part of a society and we should particularly pay attention to them because they are founders of future. Child’s rights must be respected in family regarding social and livelihood issues.”

He continued, “There may be some weaknesses in our country, but given the rules, the rights of the children are protected and Behzisti Organization is one of the responsible bodies for that. We hope our children to be honorable for our country.”

Dr. Mahmoud Abbasi, head of National reference of Convention of the Rights of Child expressing sympathy with families of the martyrs in Borujerd and Kabul said, “These attacks indicate that terrorism has no limitation and border and we should have a global will to counter the black terrorism. It was a violation of all of the international laws and conventions to target a school.”

Dr. Mehrafzoun, head of Administration of Teaching and Training of Lorestan Province stated, “As you know, the aim of the conference is to pay tribute to the martyr children. It’s our duty to commemorate them.

Our children were martyred by these terrorists and we are committed to the blood of these martyrs, especially 68 martyr students. The succeeding generation should be aware of the martyrs. When the disaster happened, we were 500 meters away from the school. When I arrived, I understood that the children were martyred which was a bitter incident in the history of Iran.”

Then, Mr. Zarrinjouei, head of Foundation of Martyrs and Affairs of Veterans of Lorestan province stressed that, “Convention of the Rights of Child was adopted by the U.N. in 1989 to protect the rights of children. About 50 states supported Saddam during Iraq-Iran war and it led to the violation of the rights of the Iranian Children.

The International Community did not react to the issue. One of the cases of violation of children’s rights was targeting Fayyazbakhsh school in Borujerd. Although Saddam was supported, Iranian nation could conquer at the war and we hope to continue the manner of the martyrs.”

Loris Tjeknavorian, Iran goodwill ambassador of the U.N. addressed the martyr students and said, “Dear students of Fayyazbakhsh school in Borujerd, you were martyred in an evil war in 1987. We are still prying for you. We like you; we didn’t forget you and you are our soul forever. You have gone and will never come back, but we will come one day and see you.”

Ayesh Al Sanadi, member of Insan organization said, “Our children are exposed to genocide by the states who claim to protect the rights of the children. Children are forced to live in depravity and poor conditions. Children are affected most in wars and international and human rights organizations do not take measure.

Importantly, schools which are the center of training are targeted brutally by some states. UNICEF called on to stop attacking schools in accordance with international laws, but history tells us about the pain and suffering of the children of Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and other countries caused by the criminal regime of the United States and the West.”

He added, “In 1987 the criminal Ba’ath regime attacked Fayyazbakhsh school in Borujerd led to the martyrdom of 68 students. On 9 August 2018, the Saudi-Emirati coalition targeted a bus school and committed a terrible crime which led to martyrdom of 41 children. Since the beginning of the war against Yemen, the Coalition have killed 3931 children and besieged the…

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